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Positivity + Protection

To keep our personal energy protected, negative energies should be driven out. These crystals can help us expel unwanted energy within us and invite positive vibrations into our lives. 

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Chrysoberyl Sale price₱2,499.00 PHP
Gold Sheen ObsidianGold Sheen Obsidian
Gold Sheen Obsidian Sale price₱1,599.00 PHP
Selenite 8mmSelenite 8mm
Selenite 8mm Sale price₱1,799.00 PHP
Smoky Quartz 8mmSmoky Quartz 8mm
Smoky Quartz 8mm Sale price₱1,299.00 PHP
Crystal QuartzCrystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz Sale price₱1,299.00 PHP
Jet TourmalineJet Tourmaline
Jet Tourmaline Sale price₱3,299.00 PHP
Lava Stones 6mmLava Stones 6mm
Lava Stones 6mm Sale price₱1,199.00 PHP
Baltic Tree AmberBaltic Tree Amber
Baltic Tree Amber Sale price₱1,950.00 PHP
Bloodstone Sale price₱1,199.00 PHP
Chrysoberyl MaxBeads™Chrysoberyl MaxBeads™
Chrysoberyl MaxBeads™ Sale price₱2,699.00 PHP
Dragon BloodstoneDragon Bloodstone
Dragon Bloodstone Sale price₱1,799.00 PHP
Hamilton® Tiger EyeHamilton® Tiger Eye
Hamilton® Tiger Eye Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
Nimitz® OnyxNimitz® Onyx
Nimitz® Onyx Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
Lineage® Black Obsidian, NecklaceLineage® Black Obsidian, Necklace
Lineage® Black Obsidian, Necklace Sale price₱2,950.00 PHP
Shuji® Onyx, SilverShuji® Onyx, Silver
Shuji® Onyx, Silver Sale price₱1,499.00 PHP
Gallant® Onyx SwarovskiGallant® Onyx Swarovski
Gallant® Onyx Swarovski Sale price₱1,499.00 PHP