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Spring / Summer 2024

Spring / Summer 2024

Introducing Homura® Spring/Summer 2024 collection capsule: 30 limited edition pieces inspired by nature. Made with Swarovski Crystals, vibrant gemstones, hand-carved pendants, and 6 new original Homura rings. These thoughtfully designed items offer exclusivity and exceptional quality.

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Lovesick® Heart, NecklaceLovesick® Heart, Necklace
Lovesick® Heart, Necklace Sale price₱1,899.00 PHP
Miri® Evil Eye, NecklaceMiri® Evil Eye, Necklace
Miri® Evil Eye, Necklace Sale price₱1,499.00 PHP
Caspian® Sea Shell, BraceletCaspian® Sea Shell, Bracelet
Caspian® Sea Shell, Bracelet Sale priceFrom ₱1,499.00 PHP
Hao® Jade & Coral, NecklaceHao® Jade & Coral, Necklace
Hao® Jade & Coral, Necklace Sale price₱2,699.00 PHP
Sold outThe Eye of Miriam®, BraceletThe Eye of Miriam®, Bracelet
The Eye of Miriam®, Bracelet Sale price₱1,799.00 PHP
Florence® Swarovski Crystals, NecklaceFlorence® Swarovski Crystals, Necklace
Florence® Swarovski Crystals, Necklace Sale price₱1,999.00 PHP
Lovesick® Heart BraceletLovesick® Heart Bracelet
Lovesick® Heart Bracelet Sale price₱1,499.00 PHP
Yosemite® Jade Necklace, SilverYosemite® Jade Necklace, Silver
Yosemite® Jade Necklace, Silver Sale price₱1,999.00 PHP
Sold outOld World Sparrow® BraceletOld World Sparrow® Bracelet
Old World Sparrow® Bracelet Sale price₱1,699.00 PHP
Yosemite® Jade Necklace, GoldYosemite® Jade Necklace, Gold
Yosemite® Jade Necklace, Gold Sale price₱1,999.00 PHP
Kusari® BraceletKusari® Bracelet
Kusari® Bracelet Sale priceFrom ₱1,399.00 PHP
Cayman® Natural Iolite, BraceletCayman® Natural Iolite, Bracelet
Cayman® Natural Iolite, Bracelet Sale price₱2,799.00 PHP
Sold outFlorence® Glacier Jade, NecklaceFlorence® Glacier Jade, Necklace
Florence® Glacier Jade, Necklace Sale price₱2,199.00 PHP
Cayman® Madagascar Rose Quartz, BraceletCayman® Madagascar Rose Quartz, Bracelet
Cayman® Lapis Lazuli, BraceletCayman® Lapis Lazuli, Bracelet
Cayman® Lapis Lazuli, Bracelet Sale price₱2,899.00 PHP
Cayman® Aquamarine, BraceletCayman® Aquamarine, Bracelet
Cayman® Aquamarine, Bracelet Sale priceFrom ₱3,499.00 PHP
Cayman® Natural Pearls, BraceletsCayman® Natural Pearls, Bracelets
Cayman® Natural Pearls, Bracelets Sale priceFrom ₱2,299.00 PHP
Cayman® Golden Sunstone BraceletCayman® Golden Sunstone Bracelet
Cayman® Golden Sunstone Bracelet Sale price₱2,899.00 PHP
Florence® White Moonstone, NecklaceFlorence® White Moonstone, Necklace
Florence® White Moonstone, Necklace Sale price₱1,999.00 PHP