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"Explore Homura's superb collection of healing crystals mixed with a number of edgy, classic, and sophisticated looks to create a striking vision with elegance."

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Exile® BraceletExile® Bracelet
Exile® Bracelet Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
Shuji® Black OnyxShuji® Black Onyx
Shuji® Black Onyx Sale price₱1,650.00 PHP
Aston® Blue AgateAston® Blue Agate
Aston® Blue Agate Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
Rivendel® BraceletRivendel® Bracelet
Rivendel® Bracelet Sale price₱1,599.00 PHP
Havok® Tiger EyeHavok® Tiger Eye
Havok® Tiger Eye Sale price₱1,599.00 PHP
Pietro® Sale price₱1,599.00 PHP
Black OnyxBlack Onyx
Black Onyx Sale price₱1,299.00 PHP
Red Tiger EyeRed Tiger Eye
Red Tiger Eye Sale price₱1,599.00 PHP
White HowliteWhite Howlite
White Howlite Sale price₱1,450.00 PHP
Cayman® Pearl BraceletCayman® Pearl Bracelet
Cayman® Pearl Bracelet Sale price₱2,950.00 PHP
Gotye® Tiger EyeGotye® Tiger Eye
Gotye® Tiger Eye Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
Shuji® Onyx, SilverShuji® Onyx, Silver
Shuji® Onyx, Silver Sale price₱1,650.00 PHP
Hamilton® Lapis LazuliHamilton® Lapis Lazuli
Hamilton® Lapis Lazuli Sale price₱1,650.00 PHP
Black Onyx HamsaBlack Onyx Hamsa
Black Onyx Hamsa Sale price₱1,299.00 PHP
Neo Tiger Eye, 10k GoldNeo Tiger Eye, 10k Gold
Neo Tiger Eye, 10k Gold Sale price₱1,750.00 PHP
Mauri® Grey JasperMauri® Grey Jasper
Mauri® Grey Jasper Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
Aston® Grey JasperAston® Grey Jasper
Aston® Grey Jasper Sale price₱1,299.00 PHP
Orion® TurquoiseOrion® Turquoise
Orion® Turquoise Sale price₱1,450.00 PHP
Yellow Tiger EyeYellow Tiger Eye
Yellow Tiger Eye Sale price₱1,699.00 PHP
Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli Sale price₱2,899.00 PHP
Euron® Red Tiger EyeEuron® Red Tiger Eye
Euron® Red Tiger Eye Sale price₱1,599.00 PHP
Larvikite Sale price₱1,450.00 PHP
Green AventurineGreen Aventurine
Green Aventurine Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
African Rose QuartzAfrican Rose Quartz
African Rose Quartz Sale price₱1,599.00 PHP
Neo Dumortierite, 10k GoldNeo Dumortierite, 10k Gold
Neo Dumortierite, 10k Gold Sale price₱1,750.00 PHP
Sold outBastille® Imperial Mountain Jade, 10k GoldBastille® Imperial Mountain Jade, 10k Gold
Black OnyxBlack Onyx
Black Onyx Sale price₱1,499.00 PHP
Philippe® Tiger EyePhilippe® Tiger Eye
Philippe® Tiger Eye Sale price₱1,350.00 PHP
Durin® JasperDurin® Jasper
Durin® Jasper Sale price₱1,499.00 PHP
Dragon BloodstoneDragon Bloodstone
Dragon Bloodstone Sale price₱1,950.00 PHP
Crystal QuartzCrystal Quartz
Crystal Quartz Sale price₱1,599.00 PHP
Hamilton® Tiger EyeHamilton® Tiger Eye
Hamilton® Tiger Eye Sale price₱1,650.00 PHP
Norden® Lava StonesNorden® Lava Stones
Norden® Lava Stones Sale price₱1,350.00 PHP
Horus® Hawk's EyeHorus® Hawk's Eye
Horus® Hawk's Eye Sale price₱1,499.00 PHP
Green PrehniteGreen Prehnite
Green Prehnite Sale price₱1,899.00 PHP
Carnelian Sale price₱1,650.00 PHP
Gotye® Lapis LazuliGotye® Lapis Lazuli
Gotye® Lapis Lazuli Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
Sodalite Sale price₱1,499.00 PHP
Horus® ApatiteHorus® Apatite
Horus® Apatite Sale price₱1,499.00 PHP
Piran® Tiger EyePiran® Tiger Eye
Piran® Tiger Eye Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
Nimitz® OnyxNimitz® Onyx
Nimitz® Onyx Sale price₱1,599.00 PHP
Bloodstone Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
Titus® Black OnyxTitus® Black Onyx
Titus® Black Onyx Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
Amethyst Sale price₱3,250.00 PHP
Algerian TopazAlgerian Topaz
Algerian Topaz Sale price₱1,350.00 PHP
Seven Day JasperSeven Day Jasper
Seven Day Jasper Sale price₱1,399.00 PHP
Citrine Sale price₱2,399.00 PHP
Malachite Sale price₱3,550.00 PHP