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Exact Wrist Size:

Exact Wrist Size

  • Natural Selenite ( OK, USA ) 8mm Minibeads™
  • Titanium Silver Hardware
  • 10-year repair coverage included
  • Originally made by Homura Workshop
  • Reminder: You can rinse selenite in water if you must, but you should never soak selenite crystals in water. It can dissolve completely


  • Selenite may be used to calm and stabilize erratic emotions, and to clear away confusion, feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, doubt or other forms of negativity
  • The Selenite crystal is all about purification, clearing, and positive energy. The soft white appearance of the stone is a perfect reflection of its gentle but highly effective energy, which emits white light and high vibrations
  • Perfectly suited to remove unwanted energy especially those who feel overburdened with unknown reasons,  replacing it with light and positive energy