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Neo Dumortierite, 10k Gold

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Wrist Size:

Wrist Size

  • Combination of Natural Black Onyx from Colombia, Dumortierite from Algeria 6mm Microbeads™
  • 10k Gold 1420 US Hardware, Sterling Silver in Gold Finish
  • Lifetime guarantee 
  • 10-year repair coverage included
  • Originally made by Homura Workshop


Black Onyx

  • Helps reject negative thought patterns, toxic emotions, and fear
  • Also known to awaken your inner confidence and can help you to find a healthier balance of humility and self-esteem
  • Excellent at soothing the physical and mental stress of everyday life. keeping the mind free of societal expectations and self-doubt
  • Increases endurance, achieve mental focus and will-power
  • A stone of protection to maintain keen senses and sharp instinct


  • Helps to take control of your emotions, and helps to increase your level of understanding and patience in difficult situations
  • Stimulates the brain and brings enhanced intuition and intellectual abilities.
  • Highly useful aid for anyone who is studying as it assists the retention of information, as well as improving your will power and mental capacity
  • Encourages confidence and standing up for oneself, whilst staying true to one’s beliefs and feelings