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Love + Family

This collection of crystals will open your heart and guide to you embrace all kinds of love, including self-love, love for life, love for family and romantic love. Wherever you happen to be on this journey, our love crystals have the perfect frequencies for your heart to flourish and grow.

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Sakura Rose QuartzSakura Rose Quartz
Sakura Rose Quartz Sale price₱1,999.00 PHP
Peach MoonstonePeach Moonstone
Peach Moonstone Sale price₱2,399.00 PHP
African OpalAfrican Opal
African Opal Sale price₱2,950.00 PHP
White MoonstoneWhite Moonstone
White Moonstone Sale price₱2,199.00 PHP
African Rose QuartzAfrican Rose Quartz
African Rose Quartz Sale price₱1,299.00 PHP
Tourmaline Sale price₱2,899.00 PHP
Burmese GarnetBurmese Garnet
Burmese Garnet Sale price₱2,399.00 PHP
Natural PeridotNatural Peridot
Natural Peridot Sale price₱11,299.00 PHP
Kunzite Sale price₱3,999.00 PHP
Rainbow MoonstoneRainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone Sale price₱4,950.00 PHP
Super SevenSuper Seven
Super Seven Sale price₱6,999.00 PHP
Lorien® Nephrite Jade, NecklaceLorien® Nephrite Jade, Necklace
Lorien® Nephrite Jade, Necklace Sale price₱1,999.00 PHP
Natural Peridot, NecklaceNatural Peridot, Necklace
Natural Peridot, Necklace Sale price₱11,950.00 PHP
Burmese JadeBurmese Jade
Burmese Jade Sale priceFrom ₱5,950.00 PHP