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Article: This Is Your Secret Erotic Desire, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Your Secret Erotic Desire, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Your Secret Erotic Desire, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Getting choked. You’re a little reckless, Aries, and you like to keep things interesting. What better way to do that than a little bit of choking action, hmmm? You don’t always vocalize this desire since it’s not always everyone’s thing; you want to make sure your partner is into that sort of thing before you make this need known.


Being told what to do. Usually, you’re pretty bossy and headstrong, Taurus. You like things done your way, and nothing else will do. Except, of course, when it comes to getting it on with someone else. You like being told what your partner likes, what feels good to them, and exactly how they want you to do it. Bossiness is a huge turn on for you.


Sex in unusual places. Like, places you really wouldn’t want to be caught fucking, say your parents’ house, at a party, a bar bathroom, etc. The forbidden nature of these environments and the chance of getting walked in is incredibly arousing to you. The more likely you are to not get away with it, the better.


Rough sex. Cancers always seem innocent and loving, and this is true! But a Cancer also wants to be fucked senseless. Hard, fast, and dirty, that’s a Cancer’s favorite way! You’ll never ask for it, though; a little shy in bed, it takes some coaxing for you to come out of your shell and let your partner know how you want it done.


Deliberate foreplay. You are driven absolutely wild when a partner takes their time and gets you good and ready before you even start doing the deed. You love when someone you’re being intimate with learns all the right spots and makes sure to hit them in just the right way. When sex is approached this way for you, it takes everything in you to not start banging before you’re completely ready. Damn good foreplay is your ultimate turn on.


Being tied up. Completely giving up control and giving into whatever your partner figures out you’re into makes you all sorts of turned on. Whether it’s with handcuffs, a scarf, a tie, etc., you love letting go and letting your partner take you over.


A threesome. You’re all about balance usually, but to you, there’s nothing sexier than a threesome. You love the dynamics at play, you find it incredibly sexy and exhilarating. Sometimes, there’s a little competition involved, and this is totally okay with you. In fact, it’s even better that way.


To be dominated. Usually, it’s about the power play for you. You like to dominate, to tease, and to be in control. Your partner is your plaything, answering to every need that may arise in the bedroom. However, this obvious about you, it’s no secret you like to be the one calling the shots. What is your secret desire is that you really want the tables to be turned, and you become the dominated, not the other way around.


Toys. Always down for whatever, you aren’t afraid to test the waters with some sex toys. It’s adventurous and weird and totally right up your alley. You think it’s a super sexy bonding experience with whoever you’re fucking too; toys always make things more interesting.


Being told you’re doing a good job. Knowing you’re pleasing your partner so much that they just have to give you praise makes you feel all sorts of hot and bothered. Every moan from your person makes you want to moan even louder.


Getting your partner off first. Maybe it’s just the altruist in you, but you love knowing you’ve satisfied your partner first. This makes it so much easier for you to come afterward knowing that you’ve done what you need to do; now it’s all about you.


Being on top. Sweet, gentle Pisces, there’s nothing more you like that being on top and calling the shots. You love being able to look right at your partner and see what they’re feeling and how you’re doing. It’s so incredibly hot to you.

- Claire Windsor

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