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Article: 4 Stones For Luck: Discover Your Energetic Advantage

4 Stones For Luck: Discover Your Energetic Advantage

4 Stones For Luck: Discover Your Energetic Advantage

Everyone in this world wishes to get some lucky break. After all, in modern times, life has become an unending struggle and it may seem like nothing you try works. If you have tried your hand at a certain venture and failed, you know how demoralizing this feels can be and if you move to another thing and still find no success, life becomes more frustrating. Since the earliest civilization, man has tried seeking a solution to bad luck, in nature, and one of the areas of focus has been gemstones.

Crystals can actually help us to tap into these hidden pots of luck. Each crystal is unique, but they all have certain vibrations which can amplify your intentions out into the universe and draw in the powers of manifestation. For those who are hungry for a big or even a little break this year, let’s delve into the best crystals for luck and manifesting all of your deepest desires.




Citrine 6mm Microbead™ 

Sunny and bright, one look at Citrine reminds you that this stone is absolutely drenched in luck. Just like the first rays of warmth after a long cold winter, Citrine is an instant pick me up. This happy go lucky gemstone is not only pure joy but its good vibrations and lucky attraction also earn it the name of the lucky merchants stone. That’s right, all those who want to feel the sweet flow of optimism and find the power to lean into their dreams are sure to be rewarded. Good luck follows this stone wherever it goes so make the most of those radiant, creative, and fortune bringing solar plexus and sacral chakra energies.



Carnielian 8mm MiniBead™ 

This is a powerhouse for success and one of the luckiest good luck charms known to humans. Not only is this gemstone beautiful but it also brings courage, energy and creativity to anyone who wears it. If you always have fear making decisions in life, it is the time to invest in Carnelian jewelry and transform your life.

While some stones bring money and others attract love, Carnelian confidence, courage, and creativity – ensuring that your lucky streak goes more than skin deep and pierces the very fabric of your being. For those who want to awaken dormant dreas, Carnelian sees to it that all your ventures are vivacious when it comes to empowerment and success. 



Malachite 6mm MicroBead™

Swirled with shades of dark and dreamy green, practically every civilization in history has been smitten by Malachite. This stone not only brings the magic of shaded forests and secret nooks but just like the spring season, it brings a promise of new growth. For those who want their branches to reach higher, Malachite is your lucky seed. This stone brings courage, wisdom, and the confidence you need to step outside your comfort zone. All these traits combined with Malachite’s magical ability to keep negativity at bay mean that you can reach your highest potential with luck, love, and the stone of transformation


Burmese Garnet 5mm MicroBead™

With its regal moods and deep red hues, one glance at the Garnet feels enough to fill your cup right up. For those who feel short-changed when it comes to luck, love, passion, and living a life filled with riches (monetary, experience, or otherwise), then the Garnet is here to save the day. This stone is full of powerful energies and puts you right on the path to personal success. The Garnet glows with luck and pleasure and its very presence entices others to come towards you. Whether in work, your love life, or just wanting to make way for ample opportunity, the Garnet brings it all to your door




These gorgeous gemstones, plucked from the earth, come with all kinds of healing properties, and can send out positive vibrations into the world. Crystals can attract abundance and turn a vague intention into something tangible. When our chakras are cleansed and we are clear of heart and mind, we open ourselves to opportunity and fortune. Call it luck or call it what you will, but stones are all about bringing a dose of good luck to your door

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