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Exact Wrist Size:

Exact Wrist Size

Iolite, also known as "water sapphire," is a precious gemstone that occurs naturally in shades of blue, violet, and indigo. This gemstone has been highly esteemed for its striking color and powerful spiritual properties since ancient times, tracing its origins back to the Norse Vikings, who used it as a navigational tool for safe and successful sea voyages.

This gemstone is also thought to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, making it an ideal stone for meditation and spiritual practices. It is said to help release negativity and promote positive energy flow, enhancing communication, and facilitating honest self-expression.

  • Natural Iolite from Chile – ~6mm Microbeads™
  • Titanium Silver Hardware
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 10-year repair coverage included
  • Originally made by Homura Workshop