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  • Genuine Auralite from Canada ~6mm MicroBeads™ 
  • TItanium Silver Hardware
  • 10-year repair coverage included
  • Originally made by Homura Workshop


  • The Auralite is found to be one of the rarest, and most powerful crystals known to man. Aside from the twenty-three trace minerals found, it is mainly composed of three base crystals, specifically Amethyst, Citrine, and a rare form of Green Quartz which appear as structured layers of phantom chevrons. Recent analysis suggests that the structure of Auralite-23 appears to act as a superconductor or transformer; this is in part due to its high content of iron oxide. What comes to light through this amazing crystal is a vast amount of energy that can be shared with those who explore it.
  • Auralite helps one to accept true purpose in life with total awareness and confidence. Free oneself from the threshold of darkness and brings one into the light.