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Homura® Guarantee

  • Our commitment to quality and authenticity is unwavering. Our gemstones are sourced from our trusted suppliers, who have consistently delivered genuine crystals of the highest quality for years. You can trust that every purchase from us is a true reflection of our dedication to excellence.
  • Our Homura® Nexus™ Steel in gold and silver pieces are guaranteed to last a lifetime of wear. A patent-pending material made from a unique blend of 100% recycled stainless and titanium steel. This innovative material boasts an incredibly high strength-to-density ratio. This means that our chains, rings, pendants, locks, clasps, bracelets will not tarnish, rust, corrode, oxidize and cause a stain on skin, will not bend out of shape, and are safe on sensitive skin.
  • When you own a Homura piece, you become a valued member of the Homura community. We take pride in providing continuous service, including care and repair, complimentary cleaning and crystal recharging.