The journey began as we explore the world around us. Our passion for collecting raw gemstones and fascination with their healing properties led us to discover that every piece has its intrinsic history and unique story to tell. 

From there, we used it as an inspiration to turn an elemental blend of modern design, traditional techniques, and elevated craftsmanship into a collection of evocative objects and meaningful wearable art for people looking for self-expression, healing, and empowerment.

Stemming from an innate love for natural materials and the pursuit of creativity, we started our home-grown brand to voice our passion for designing lasting, quality pieces. 

Through the years, our brand is inspired by amazing customers and their feedback, great adventures, and rich materials. These fueled the brand to ensure that every piece you receive is crafted with attention to detail and thoughtfully conceptualized.

We are a small team of designers who are fixated on quality and perfection and genuinely love what we do. Up to this day, we are committed to creating pieces that will bring out positivity in people and provide exceptional service, adhering to the founding principle that at Homura, we rely on your support to continue growing.

We hope you share in our journey and sense of wonder as you wear our creations.