Four Game-Changing Morning Rituals

Want to begin your day feeling more grounded, calm, grateful and clear-headed? Here are four easy, free, and totally transformative things you can do before leaving the house in the morning to become more present in your daily life. #Glow on and try them.  



Instead of checking your phone/ reading e-mails/ scrolling through instagram first thing in the morning (we're guilty of it, too!) take a few minutes to breathe mindfully in bed. This will clear your head for the day, giving you a chance to be fully present in the morning rather than picking up right where you left off and going on autopilot.

Instructions: Place one hand on your belly, one hand on your heart. Breathe deeply in through the nose, filling up the belly, ribcage and chest. Pause at the top of your inhale holding the breath for a moment and then breathe slowly out the nose, first deflating the chest, then ribcage, then the belly. Repeat at least 5 times. This will literally take you two minutes or less and be LIFE-CHANGING in the clarity and focus it creates throughout your day.


Run through everything you have to do today in your head, visualizing how you'd like your day to go. Think about the meetings, appointments, errands, and tasks you have to accomplish and see yourself confident, calm and successful in every scenario. We create our reality with our thoughts... isn't that pretty dope?


After visualizing your day, set an intention. Think of a quality you would like to embody or anything specific you would like to attract. For example: "Today I will spread positive energy to all those I encounter." or "Today I will create a meaningful connection." Be open to these intentions manifesting in any which way, sometimes it is very unexpected!


So often we are half asleep in our morning shower and miss the opportunity to really connect with our body and senses. As you wash each part of your body, connect to gratitude for your body parts and all the ways that they assist you in daily life. This simple awareness can make your shower a spiritual experience and start your day feeling centered and grateful.

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